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Kimono - Steel Blue - O/S

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Feel fresh & free in your skin with one of our favourite Indonesian fabrics, made by artisans who specialize in this print-making technique. This is a flowy, and free feeling cover designed to layer with your outfits on the go, for work, or as loungewear at home. This is a one-size-fits-many versatile cover-up that is compact and versatile. It is great for travel and layering throughout the day; an ideal slow fashion or capsule wardrobe piece.

Easy care, easy wear. The soft fabric allows for gentle draping while maintaining its shape and structure. Its open front design is suitable for many bodies so you can wear it relaxed and open, or tied with a belt or sash of your choosing. Effortless, simple, easy style, cultivating a feeling of freedom, beauty, confidence and movement, encouraging you to be yourself in every way.

  • breathable fabric
  •  mid-length sleeves
  • 100% rayon