About Us


Who We Are

 Planks Canada is a mom and pop shop, literally. We're completely family owned and operated! We strive to provide our customers with the best quality handmade, sustainably made, and ethically made products. 




Our Vision

Planks Canada was born to bring high quality items that truly represent Canada. Our continued goal is to inspire and encourage a simple and relaxed way of life. We are all people and it is important we all see businesses as opportunities to support people, regardless of geographical locations.

We thrive to provide ethically and sustainably made items. Many of which are made in town by us or in Canada.

How do we do what we do?

It’s all her. She sews she melts she boils she cuts she presses she punches she prints she designs she measures she. Well I could go on but it’s not just what she makes. oh no she does sooo much more. With timeless style and a yearning for items that seemed to be consistently 2 years ahead of their times. She hunts and scourers for items that not only meet our standards for the environment and society but are unique, impossible to find or just the best of their bunch. She strives to be different and with that have products that are different. From socks to pillows. Soccer balls to dental Floss. I can assure you that every product was meticulously selected by our one and only Ashlynn Ross. 

Come and see what she made or found for you. 

At Planks, the hierarchy goes:

Made by Planks Canada

Made in Canada

Ethically Made


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