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Lacey Lynn Boucher

Goodnight World: A Letter for Air

Goodnight World: A Letter for Air

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Written by Local Author Lacey Lynn Boucher.

A Letter For Air is the third release from the series, Goodnight World and it brings you an appreciation for being in nature and breathing in fresh air. It encourages you to look deeper into what causes air pollution and how you can make a difference in your own life. Let yourself be taken away through whimsical illustrations and poetic, rhyming verses that unlock your curiosity and passion for a cleaner Earth.

Goodnight World is a series of letters written to the World from the standpoint of a young girl who writes in her journal every night before going to bed. She reflects, imagines, and makes connections to her life and to the World around her with a strong appreciation for the environment and all living beings. She expresses her hopes and dreams for a brighter future and commands action and intention in her own life.

This series can lead to meaningful conversations both at home and in the classrooms between children and peers, children and parents, and students and teachers. It brings about unity and connection of all people and that we all matter and can change the World with small steps taken in our own lives.

Let the words and illustrations take you on an imaginative journey where anything is possible if you dream it!

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