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Saffron Infused Olive Oil Soap

Saffron Infused Olive Oil Soap

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This soap uses the world's most luxury herb, sustainably sourced Saffron, combined with the richness of olive oil to provide numerous benefits and healing properties.

  • Skin benefits of Saffron Olive Oil Soap:
    • Clears the skin
    • Helps get rid of dark circles
    • Exfoliates the face by improving blood circulation
    • Is a means for glowing skin
  • Soap Ingredients: Olive Oil, Saffron, Water (aqua), Lye.
  • No additives, preservatives, artificial fragrances, alcohol, animal by-products, or perfumes. 100% Vegan.
  • Ethically made

We prefer not to ship all natural body products but definitely can by request 

** due to the nature of this product we are not able to accept returns. **

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