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Sandalwood Vanilla Lime All Natural Deodorant - Travel Mini

Sandalwood Vanilla Lime All Natural Deodorant - Travel Mini

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Had one too many Chardonnays or IPAs and committed to going on a hike the next day. You wake up, feeling less than refreshed, with a little pounding in your head and dreading your outdoor adventure. Halfway in though, the fresh air moving through your lungs and the rich natural surroundings have erased any trace of the night before. Let the rich woody notes of sandalwood, the creamy smooth aroma of vanilla and a slight tang of lime bring you to that feeling of being one with nature, with a clear head and a happy heart. Move over PSL, SONDR's SVL deo is the next trending fall scent.

  • Free from aluminium, phthalates, parabens and baking soda,
  • Free from animal testing and animal products
  • Ethically Made in Canada 
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