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Soothe Criminal Solid Conditioner Bar

Soothe Criminal Solid Conditioner Bar

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This bar may look little, but it hits heavy with masterfully balanced moisture for misbehaving noggins.

Decongest excess oil and pollutants using cleansing activated bamboo charcoal, clearing the way for soothing buckwheat milk and strengthening hydrolyzed oat protein to work their gentle magic.

Plant polyphenols in cupuacu butter act as antioxidants, teaming up with gentle rice brain oil to protect your scalp from irritation and environmental factors. A criminally addictive blend of protective toffee-like benzoin, myrrh and refreshing clementine

  • Lasts the equivalent of 100ml of liquid conditioner
  • Suitable for all hair types; especially sensitive scalps, oily cues and flat, blasé tresses
  • Ethically sourced, organic, vegan ingredients
  • Ethically made
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