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Essence of Life Organics

Under the Olive Tree Ritual Candles of Bethlehem

Under the Olive Tree Ritual Candles of Bethlehem

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Working with local artisans from Bethlehem, these beautiful ritual candles are handmade using the traditional and ancient method of dipping pure cotton wicks into melted beeswax. The candles have a natural soothing honey scent from the beeswax, with no artificial fragrance added. These handcrafted candles are made by local artisans of Bethlehem, West Bank, and create jobs through empowerment by providing a steady income to Palestinian artists and their families, with economic sustainability. Partnering with these artists addresses the income generation needs of families living in Bethlehem while highlighting the ancestral and cultural heritage of their homeland through craft-making.

  • Ingredients: Pure beeswax, cotton wicks
  • Ethically Made
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